Moment and Moments

A brief thought: The difference between Photography and film.

Iā€™m often asked what is best, film or photography. What is the difference, and which medium will last the test of time? I always find it a strange question and difficult to answer. Simply because I see them, for the best part, as one and the same.

Photography and film both deal with light, composition and storytelling ā€“ in simple terms. They also both deal with time. Which is arguably the main difference between the two.

Photography captures a moment in time to tell a story. Moving image such as film and video can also capture a moment in time, or moments. These moments can be manipulated, augmented, and reordered to tell a story in a non linear way.

A photograph can tell equally as rich and deeply emotive story as a feature length film. And a two-hour feature film can captivate an audience and seem like only single moment has past.

For me, Photography and film are two ways of capturing time, moments and stories. Each has and will always have a place in future ā€“ As long as there are stories to tell, and people to tell them.